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M&S Lavender & Chamomile Refresher Oil

M&S Lavender & Chamomile Refresher Oil

Bringing a gorgeous scent to your home, our chamomile and lavender burner oil will help transform any space into one of relaxation. With the naturally de-stressing fragrances of lavender and chamomile, this refresher oil is perfect for adding to candle or electric oil burners or simply sprinkling over potpourri in need of a refresh. The ideal fragrance for turning bedrooms into havens of relaxation, add this indulgent scent to your pampering essentials.

  • Product Details


    • Height: 7 cm
    • Width: 2.2 cm

    Item details

    • Made with integrity. Neither this product nor its ingredients have been tested on animals. BUAV Approved
    • This product will come with any relevant care and use instructions, cautions and/or warnings - please read carefully before use



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