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This season's most delicious flavors for glowing skin

Kiwis, pumpkins or broccoli are fruits and vegetables that provide us with a lot of energy, vitamins and antioxidants and help us prevent aging and damage caused by external aggression.

What vitamins does your skin need to look beautiful?

Turn your eyes to vitamins A, C and E because they are essential for skin care and are also great for hair and nails.

Vitamin A has multiple functions. It enhances skin’s moisture and fights the signs of aging. It contributes to the formation and renewal of skin cells, improving the elasticity that we tend to lose with aging. Seasonal foods rich in this vitamin are: banana, persimmon, chard, pumpkin, spinach, lettuce, carrot,

red pepper, cucumber, tomato and beetroot.

Vitamin C, besides being a great antioxidant, activates the defenses and intervenes in the synthesis of collagen. It blurs the signs of aging and keeps your skin radiant and visibly younger-looking, even improving the skin tone. Seasonal foods rich in this vitamin are: kiwi, pomegranate, orange, banana, apple, aubergine, cauliflower, tomato, radish and beetroot.

Vitamin E is essential for nourishing the skin. It regenerates damaged skin tissues and improves blood circulation. Moreover, it fights aging by regenerating the skin and blurring dark spots. Seasonal foods that contain this vitamin are: apple, banana, chard, broccoli, spinach, cucumber and tomato. Also, nuts such as chestnuts, hazelnuts and almonds are rich in this vitamin

Casmara ALGAE PEEL-OFF Facial Masks are a service we are pleased to offer in SPA ENLIIVEN. We offer a varied collection that meets the needs of every type of skin condition.

The pioneering Algae Peel-Off Facial Mask creates a light and pleasant pressure over the area applied, helping the penetration of the active ingredients applied during treatment as well as those inherent in the mask. Each mask is a little different allowing us to choose one that will best fit your skin’s needs. Worried about your lashes or lips, don’t worry, we have you covered. It is possible to apply the mask over the eyes and lips, reaching areas other products fail to reach! These amazing masks lower the temperature of your skin by up to 10ºF providing an anti edema drainage effect, reducing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes in addition to firming and toning the skin.

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